blue wisp form

In the midst of fleeing from a pig-faced henchman in book three: The Oracle of the Missing Dryad, George instructs Alyson to call for Whisper. Whisper is Elluna's wisp, a spiraling blue energy of light that when stopped reveals a blue faery. She comes to the aide of Alyson several times. She teaches Alyson how to shoot blue energy balls from the palms of her hands.

She is quite small in physical form, only a few inches tall and can fly into and hide in the palm of Alyson's hand. In this physical form, she is an earth elemental. She can also transmute into a blue water elemental, blue fire elemental and a blue wisp (air elemental), thus she has mastered the elements. To her, it has become almost a game for her tiny little warrior spirit. She is small but deadly to predators.

She has the ability to expand her energy into any size. She stays compacted as a faery to preserve her energy, but if needed, could be as tall as a human or taller. She cannot "run out" of energy, but she does tire. She needs to rest to recharge herself.


blue faery form

Her home is with Elluna in the Land of the Elders. She is considered to be a fallen star and stays among the Elders to aide them, if warranted. She is a gift and thereby only shows herself to those who are worthy of knowing her existence.

Whisper's knowledge is equivalent to that of Elluna, but she is more portable and can transform. Whisper is a separate character from Elluna, but is an extension of the same energy.

Random Facts

Age: ageless, she is an elemental and faery
Appearance: blue wisp of energy and blue faery
Abilities: blue fireballs; picking locks; small places; can transmute into any of the elements (earth faery, blue flame, blue wisp, blue water)


blue flame