Virginia "Ginny" (Grams) DanbyEdit

We first meet Ginny as an old woman wearing fuschia garden gloves in book one: The Ghost of Colby Drive. She is known as Grams to her grandson Ethan Reilly, and is mother to Josephine Reilly. She identifies herself first to Alyson as "Mrs. Thompson".

She is married to Ethan's grandfather, Mr. Thompson.

She is also the younger sister of Harding Danby. Her family lives down the road about a mile from The Finch Estate on Colby Drive, in Hollow Creek, Virginia. Her name "Ginny" is a form of Virginia, her name and also where she was born.

She has a link to Emelia Finch, as at one time when Ginny was 9, she raised a stray grey cat and also called her Emily. Emily the cat has been around for nearly 80 years now.

Random Facts

Age: late 50's

Appearance: often seen gardening with Fuschia garden gloves, healthy, mature woman, a crone

Hair: Salt and Pepper grey, long

Relationship with: Mr. Thompson (Grandfather)

Mother of: Josephine Reilly

Grandmother of: Ethan Reilly

Author's Notes

My inspiration for the character Ginny was inspired by screen actress Lois Smith (Lois Humbert) b. 1930. She reminds me of the kind of grandmother that would go out of her way to have utmost love for raising her grandson; happy with life and all that she has been given.