Tom Reilly

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland. Tom Reilly worked for the Maryland Marine Patrol and was a well decorated officer of the coast guard. Tom Reilly is Ethan Reilly's father and was married to Josephine Reilly. He was killed in a terrible boating accident (described in book one: The Ghost of Colby Drive) when Ethan was 10 years old.

Notably, he and Ethan worked hard to build a treehouse behind Virginia Danby's house, a few lots back. It was unfinished when Tom passed away, and the treehouse was finished with Ethan and his grandfather. Inside the treehouse Ethan finds a pocketwatch belonging to his father, which Alyson in turn uses as a time portal.

Scene cut from book one:

He’d been a coast guard for the Maryland Marine Patrol. It happened one fateful day that he followed another boater who had been under the influence of drugs and alcohol, both of which Ethan despised. The boater edged closer to some sharp rocks and the waves continued to chop at them. Ethan’s father called out to the boater but he appeared to be passed out. There was no way the big coast guard ship could fit between those rocks to save that boater. Ethan’s father jumped in one of the smaller canoes and made his way between the rocks. He reached the other boater, who awoke from his stupor and pulled a knife on him. Ethan’s father tried to calm him down, but to no avail. He dodged the knife and lost his balance in his canoe. It tipped over and capsized over him. He swam underneath it but got caught by a wave and knocked unconscious on the rocks. He drowned and the boater was arrested. Ethan felt a huge part of him die along with his father. Tom Reilly was a good man.

Random Facts

Age: 30's, deceased due to a boating accident

Appearance: an older version of Ethan

Occupation: Maryland Marine Patrol Coast Guard, Officer

Relationship with: Josephine Reilly

Father of: Ethan Reilly

Son-in-law of: Virginia Danby