Secret Room

The Finch Estate hides many secrets as Alyson soon discovers. At the top of a hidden group of stairs exists a secret room concealed to ordinary persons as just a linen closet, but when opened by someone who is attuned to the magical realm, a sacred space exists within. It has a door that is heavy and dark wooden. Upon passing through this door, there is immediately a book on a stand right in the center of the room, and various other artifacts such as those found in any magical attic may be found tucked neatly in corners. The room has a stained glass roof, which aligns with the stars. When aligned properly (and with a hint of magical breath) a star map is revealed on the secret room's floor.

The room exists in a world between worlds, a time between time. It is a sacred space and no and all time exists within. Any object brought into the room is temporarily suspended in the current time until it is removed. In book two: The Curse of the Moonless Knight, Prince Ivan (trapped within a chess piece) is brought into the secret room. One of Claire's paintings is also in the secret room, a very important one, and when it is removed and replaced upon the wall, strange happenings ensue.

Within the Secret Room is a book on a pedestal called the Book of the Sacred Seven Sisters. It is a magical book that has been passed down from many generations of witches and angels. It has invisible text to the naked eye unless it is being read by one of the Sacred Seven Sisters. Inside the cover are seven circles, each with a portrait of the sisters. The portraits move, as though the reader was looking into a mirror.

Few outsiders have attempted to find the secret room, but some who are magical and attuned to evil have tried. Portaling in is possible, as Abigail does frequently.

Author's Notes

The secret room is a metaphor for the mind and an open heart. Until you have an open heart and mind, you will not understand the secrets the universe has to offer you, essentially. It also represents the sacred space, the most secret of our feelings that we keep under lock and key, usually held in the heart and not the mind.