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Winged Lion of Venice

Seamus (pronounced SHAY-MUS) is known by three appearances in the storyline. He appears first as Seamus Phyfe, a wandering minstrel at the Woodhaven Renaissance Faire. But he is more than meets the eye. He is Abigail's counterpart. Seamus reveals himself to be a winged lion to Alyson, his appearance in the Land of the Elders. His regal presence is impressive. Throughout the storyline, Seamus and Abigail both act as Alyson's spirit guides.

In his former (human) life, Seamus was alive during the time when Belladonna was. He saw her for the beauty within, that she had more to offer than just being a brothel madame. He loved her for the woman she was and for that, she loved him back. Seamus and Belladonna conceived two children: Lily and Rowan. Seamus was killed at the same time Belladonna's children were being born, as his debts to bounty hunters caught up with him and he was shot in a gun draw. This is the only life Seamus was human.

Seamus leads the Knights of the Great One.

Random Facts

Age: varies

Appearance: first met, he is a minstrel at a faire - flamboyant and colourful; in the 1800's he is a gentleman, rugged and gunslinging typical of the wild west era; in his animal form, he is a lion with expansive wings

Relationship with: Belladonna, Abigail Finch

Father of: Lily, Rowan

Past Lives

1887: Seamus McGee

1908: Seamus (garden statue, spirit guide)

Present: Seamus Phyfe (minstrel, spirit guide)

Land of Elders: Seamus the winged-lion

Author's Notes
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Cantina Di Negrar's Novelizo 2007

Author's note:

The character of Seamus was inspired as an Italian wine bottle sat on my writing desk as I wrote book three: The Oracle of the Missing Dryad. Cantina Di Negrar's Novelizo 2007. On the front of the label is a winged lion.