Sarah "Sadie" Finch

Sadie Finch is one of the two magical sisters born of George and Abigail Finch. She and her sister, Emelia Finch, lived in The Finch Estate during the early 1920's.

Sadie was quite innocent, until the affections of a boy who had eyes for her sister went unwanted, she called upon the world of magic to answer her request for someone to love her. As her request was made with dark turmoil in its intent, it was darkness that answered. Hremm Nevar, a cunning and charming man came to visit her and presented her with a staff that she would only need to hold to harness its power and call for his aid. He seduced her with his need for power and thus, she became his bride. A Bride of Death.


news clipping from book one: The Ghost of Colby Drive

A strange accident caused by one of Sadie's evil spells gone awry caused her to be struck by lightning and entered the world of the dead, as a ghost that haunts the property. She is essentially, The Ghost of Colby Drive.

She has a power through the necklace given to her, a moonstone necklace, that allows her to appear human on nights the moon is at its fullest. When the moon is full, she is able to pass through the realm of the third and fourth dimensions easily (otherwise known as "the veil").

Eventually, she redeems herself in the eyes of the Elders and is able to be granted her abilities back. She is able to pass into the fifth dimension, where the Land of Elders exists.

Sadie's powers include ability to conjure the dead, weather manipulation - particularly the ability to conjure lightning and storms. She also has the power to seduce others into the dark side through her sexuality.

Sadie Finch is one of the Sacred Seven Sisters.

Random Facts

Age: Sadie is 23 in the series. She was seduced by Hremm Nevar unknowingly at this age.

Appearance: undead form, she is pale with noticeable black veins, stripped of all sense of warmth and life, black soulless eyes; as human, she is a young girl with pale ivory skin and long raven black hair, strikingly beautiful and enchanting

Hair: Raven Black

Eyes: black when undead

Animal: Banshee ~ Undead ~ Bride of Death

Relationship with: Hremm Nevar

Tryst with: Harding Danby, Ethan Reilly

Past Lives

1908: Karina Von Buren

Author's Notes

Originally, when designing this character, I wanted her to be much of the same personality as Estella from Dicken's Great Expectations... a girl with such a cold heart, yet every man yearned for. I was enchanted by the character when I first saw her, and the relationship she had with Miss Havisham. I was 13 when I first read the book and can remember it clearly. Dickens is a captivating author. Just as Miss Havisham created Estella in essence, to pay the world back from being jilted by love, Sadie was created... so she could begin with a cold heart, but learn to grow from her pain and be healed from it, and eventually flower once again.