Sara London

Sara London is the best friend and classmate of Alyson Bell. Her first appearance is in book one: The Ghost of Colby Drive. She shares a relationship with classmate and friend, Cameron Doyle.

She spreads lies about herself and her virginity with classmate Jeremy Fox, in order to protect a secret Jeremy is hiding. When she is caught in the lie, everyone is upset with her. She defends that she still is a virgin.

Sara is seduced and kidnapped by Hremm Nevar as a replacement for his bride, Sadie Finch in book two: The Curse of the Moonless Knight. She is rescued by Alyson, Abigail and Sadie, who conjures an army of darkness to fight Hremm Nevar. Sara only has glimpses of this in her memory, but it remains forgotten.

Sara and Cameron end up on many of Alyson's mis-adventures. Sara, the more reluctant of the bunch, often plays the 'devil's advocate' in situations.

Sara is on the cheerleading squad, along with classmate Jenny Fox. When Jenny Fox is expelled from school, Sara takes position as cheer captain.

Random Facts

Age: 16

Appearance: preppy, in-fashion, a trend follower

Hair: brown, long and wavy

Academics: not as good as she'd like to be... she finds ways to cheat the system; she is on the cheer squad and drama club

Relationship with: Jeremy Fox, Cameron Doyle