Sacred Seven Sisters

The Sacred Seven Sisters refer to a group of magical sisters that are timeless and can appear on more than one dimension simultaneously. They are: Alyson Bell, Emelia Finch, Sadie Finch, Abigail Finch, Claire Bell, Lily and Rowan. They are also refered to as the Daughters of Elluna, as Elluna is the Universal Grand "Mother" of all things.

Alyson discovers a magical book in the secret room that is called the Book of the Sacred Seven Sisters. It is a magical book intended to guide Alyson into her "magical" life. It contains wisdom put by the Elders and can only be read by those who's breath is attuned, as the breath is the key. Breath gives life. It is sacred. The star map on the floor is also attributed to the stars above (as above, so below) and as each one of Alyson's sisters find themselves and ascend, the appropriate star will illuminate on the star map on the floor of the secret room. When all seven stars are illuminated, it is time to go home... back to the Land of Elders.

Elluna and Whisper are part of this same group but not part of the 'seven'... as they are different forms of the same energy. They are external influences to the sisters, adding to their energy and making it into a stronger form.


The Pleiades, star cluster M45

the seven sisters is also a well known group of stars called the Pleiades. They are representative of the daughters of Zeus. This series is essentially a play on this, only instead of Zeus, they are daughters of a grand universal mother and father, sent down to Earth to guide and awaken.

I've had a connection with this star system always. When writing about these magical sisters, it was easy to bring them to life, as if guided by the stars themselves.

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Sign for The Seven Stars, Carey Street, London

The image of seven stars has been seen in many places. It is a sacred number. Outside of a pub in London, there is a sign boasting seven stars. The Nebra sky disk, dated c. 1600 BC. The cluster of dots near the upper right portion of the disk is believed to be the Pleiades (pictured below). It is also a Biblical reference to Revelations 1:16: "and he had in his right hand seven stars" refering to Christ, as in this photo. There is much symbolism in this number, but it was the connection to the Pleiades that spoke the loudest to me.
250px-Nebra Scheibe

The Nebra sky disk, dated c. 1600 BC. The cluster of dots near the upper right portion of the disk is believed to be the Pleiades.

It is this symbolism of six around one, much like the petals on a flower surrounding the center. This visual branches into sacred geometry, with twelve around one, the flower/seed of life, etc. It is a very powerful symbol.

In the back of book four: The Door of the Thousand Keys, there is a diagram associating the sisters with the seven chakras and part of the alignment to become crystal/cosmic/christed. Those familiar with the first seven chakras may make a connection with this diagram. It is for information only and not actual names for the chakras. They are listed in reference to how they relate to the character Alyson Bell.

Author's Notes


Sacred Seven Sisters in the form of the Chakras

A visual representation of the seven sisters as the seven chakras

Claire (Root) is the source of life for Alyson... she is home. This is the same for Elluna (Crown) as she is the source of life for Alyson's soul... and she is her soul's home/mother.

Abigail (Brow/Third Eye) is Alyson's intuition and higher self.

Emelia (Throat) the great communicator... whenever Alyson needed company or help, she brought along Emily.

Alyson (Heart) is love. This love is Alyson's greatest strength.

Rowen (Solar Plexus ~ Internal Core Energy) and Lily (Solar Plexus ~ External Core Energy/Shield) are the Gemini. They essentially are one sister, combined in energy, yet depicted as two. One exists internally, harnessing energy at the core... the other blasts that same energy externally in the form of a shield. A third character, Whisper, is part of this same group of energy and she is shown as an extension of this energy from Alyson.

Sadie (Sacral) is the sexual nature of Alyson. She also is the hidden self.

This visual representation illustrates the seven sisters, as the seven chakras in order to demonstrate the link between them. They must become "one"... all chakras in alignment... to become CRYSTAL. The sisters when working collectively and in unison produce a vibration/frequency of light that is divine. It would have both the power to create or destroy.

"When the seven become one... we all will know wisdom"