Rowan is one of two angels born of Belladonna and Seamus. Her twin sister is Lily, the Princess engaged to Prince Ivan. Rowan was born stillborn. She is taken by Elisabeth and Jonathan Tarlington to a sacred tree that existed in the middle of nowhere, but is now the town of Hollow Creek. The tree was at a spiritual nexus and attracted energy to it like a magnet, including that of lightning that repeatedly struck the tree. It is her sister, Lily that uses her angelic power to lift her stillborn sister out of the tree, merge with her and bring her into a new life, that of a tree dryad. The symbolism of this event is a Yule Tree with a star floating at the top, and the star enters into the heavens and is returned to the tree in a new form. That star reborn is Rowan (through the power of Nicodemus, the Great One).


a tree dryad

Rowan is only seen as energy. She radiates as the colour yellow and is pure spiritual energy. She has no physical form, but can grow "barkskin" around her energy to form a wooden body. Rowan is the tree dryad in book three: The Oracle of the Missing Dryad.

Though Rowan is born a girl, she is reborn into an androgenous energy of both masculine and feminine balanced energies. Rowan's energy protected her sister Lily while she is on the Earthly plane.

Rowan is one of the Sacred Seven Sisters (combined with Lily, they are Gemini - the twins acting as one)

Rowan is ascended and lives in the Land of the Elders, although she is able to communicate to Alyson through the songs of trees.

Random Facts

Age: ageless, as she has no physical form and cannot "die", she is an earth elemental

Special ability: barkskin - the only covering that can make her been seen, however leaves her vulnerable as her bark can burn as she is made of tree wood - she would not die, but would be injured: combined twin powers

Appearance: yellow energy or aura, a tree dryad

Daughter of: Belladonna and Seamus, reborn of Nicodemus

Twin Sibling of: Lily

Author's Notes

Rowan is one of my most complex characters. To describe her as energy is best understood by those who understand and work with energies, chakras and cosmic consciousness. Her rebirth is representative of the Christ energy (also called Cosmic Consciousness) that is pure light and exists within. It is our divinity and reminds us that we are all made of light. Our physical bodies are an illusion and only a temporary covering of the "who" we are individually and collectively.