Talking Tree at Bellagio

Talking Tree at Bellagio conservatory is how I envisioned Nicodemus

Nicodemus, the Great One. He is not seen in any human form, but is pure spirit and energy, much in the same way Rowan is, for Rowan was reborn out of his love after being stillborn (this scene is in book three: The Oracle of the Missing Dryad). To look at him, would be to look directly at the sun and have the same consequence, as his radiance is too pure to be witnessed by the human eyes. But to another Elder, he is seen as a majestic old tree with a white beard. Elluna is the only one who can touch him safely, as each night she wraps him in her Indigo gown of stars to keep him safe while the world sleeps, and he sleeps and she becomes alive. It is the perfect marriage of love. In the daytime, Elluna cradles herself in his branches and he keeps grounded watch while she sleeps. His leaves are made of pure gold and he radiates a golden glow to all who walk beneath his gilded branches.

His tree exists in an area of the Land of the Elders known as the Sacred Grove. It may only be entered by those who have been granted permission. Knighting ceremonies take place in this grove.

Abigail fell witness to The Great One while Seamus attempted to heal her. It was in this event she became blinded. Though she considers this to be a "gift" to have witnessed seeing something so beautiful.

He represents the masculine side of divinity, the sun and everything that surrounds the sky in daylight, including rainbows, the clouds and the radiant rays that warm everything on Earth. His energy is felt in the radiant mane of Seamus.

He is pure love, pure beauty and everything that is felt in a warm heart. He is the exact opposite of Magnamalphas. He is the source of all love. His companion is Elluna.

There are many that will fight and defend in his honour. They include the Knights of the Great One and the Sacred Seven Sisters.

Random Facts
Glorious sun

Glorious sunrays

Age: Ancient

Appearance: he is not seen, but felt - the same way you cannot look directly at the sun but feel its warmth; to the other Elders, he appears as a majestic old tree with a white beard

Abilities: Creation, he brings anything to life; his radiance is so powerful and bright that he will blind those that look upon him directly, as in the case of Abigail Finch

He is Supreme Father, he returned Rowan to life in his image, of a tree

Eternal and Inseparable Companion of Elluna

Author's Notes
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he is an incense burner :) star sandalwood frequently is burned while writing in this statue

The Talking Tree at Bellagio conservatory is how I envisioned Nicodemus when he is in tree form.

Additionally, on my desk, there is an incense burner of a wooden tree and a mans face that inspired me to create this character. He holds a red book in one of his branches/hands. Inspiration comes from many treasure troves.