Lucinda, The Black Widow Queen

Lucinda, also known as "The Black Widow Queen" and the "Queen of Sands" is a feminine embodiment of pure evil. She is the exact opposite of Abigail in spirit form. She makes her first appearance in book two: The Curse of the Moonless Knight.

Lucinda is the creator of Hremm Nevar, through an incestuous relationship with her brother, the demon Magnamalphas.

She is considered to be called "The Black Widow Queen" as she was once human, and through anger, married several innocent men only to murder them. This evil act threw her into the Black Hollow, where she remains guarded by her pet, a seven-headed Hydra and her demon brother, Magnamalphas.

Hourglass - Copy
She is also referred to as the "Queen of Sands" as at one time, she used an hourglass to magically throw her prisoners through time, including Lily, Prince Ivan and Abigail. The hourglass is representative of a black widow spider's red hourglass on it's belly, the last thing a victim sees before it is killed.
Random Facts

Age: unknown, though she was once human but banished into the Black Hollow
Appearance: often veiled in black and gartered with a red belt; human in appearance to the average onlooker, but to those who look closer, she is horrid and evil.
Abilities: uses a magical hourglass to suspend her victims in time travel; can spit venom and spin webs; she can possess others, as in the case of the king at the Woodhaven Renaissance Faire - possession is recognized by her red eyes