Lily is one of two angels born of Belladonna and Seamus. Her twin sister is Rowan, the tree dryad. From birth, Lily was born with her angel "wings". It is Lily that uses her angelic power to lift her stillborn sister out of the tree, merge with her and bring her into a new life, that of a tree dryad. The symbolism of this event is a Yule Tree with a star floating at the top, and the star enters into the heavens and is returned to the tree in a new form. That star reborn is Rowan.

Lily is a younger version of the powers that exist within the spirit guide, Abigail. Lily is pure love. She cannot harm or destroy, but can heal and shield. In book four: The Door of the Thousand Keys, Lily teaches her magic quickly to Alyson after she is rescued from The Black Hollow and the grip of Lucinda, the Black Widow Queen.

She is known as Princess Lily as she is engaged to Prince Ivan, one of the Knights of the Great One, Nicodemus.


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In book two: The Curse of the Moonless Knight, Lily is hidden within a magical ring for her own protection by Abigail, who is disguised as a gypsy at the Woodhaven Renaissance Faire. The ring is given to Alyson by Ethan and unbeknownst to Alyson that she is wearing a magical ring with a princess hiding inside of it. The ring is attempted to be stolen by Wendy and Duncan, two thieves that came in a time portal from the time of Belladonna, a time portal that was opened by the arrival of Hremm Nevar and the Black Widow Queen.

Lily is one of the Sacred Seven Sisters.

Lily is ascended and lives among the other angels in the Land of Elders.

Random Facts

Appearance: at birth, a cherub with "wings"; elsewhere she appears as an angelic woman late teens/early 20's.

Abilities: extension of herself - her aura - to form a shield around a person from within, such as that of a ring or an egg; angelic healing; angelic breath

Relationship with: Prince Ivan

Daughter of: Belladonna and Seamus

Twin sibling of: Rowan