Karina Von Buren

Karina Von Buren is the hotel heiress of the old abandoned hotel that is discovered by Alyson Bell when Alyson time travels back to 1908 and is in the body of actress Lucy Penny. Karina is quite the affluent snob, spoiled rich girl that bosses her father's staff around to please herself. She has taken affections with the bartender, Benjamin Macintyre, whom their family hired as help when Benjamin was orphaned. She was only sixteen when she met Benjamin. The attraction to him was imminent. However, he does not return her affections.

Karina does everything in her power to seduce Benjamin, including telling Lucy/Anna that she is engaged to him.

Karina is Sadie Finch's shadow soul in a past life. Sadie infects or possessed Karina's body and brings her back to the present, as she is desperate to have a woman's body again after being undead for so long. In the Secret Room, Karina is killed swiftly by Ethan while he is in wolf form, releasing Sadie's shadow spirit so it may be trapped and Abigail sends her to the Elders to be dealt with.

Karina is part of the time travel series that takes place in the early 1900's in book four: The Door of the Thousand Keys.

Random Facts

Age: mid-20's

Appearance: classy, early-flapper, heavy makeup of the times (crimson lips, rouge) - early 1900's, smoker with a long-stemmed holder

Occupation: hotel heiress

Hair: reddish blonde and sometimes bleached platinum blonde, tight curls

Tryst with: Benjamin Macintyre