Jonathan Tarlington

Jonathan Tarlington was an ordinary stable boy who tended the horses owned by brothel madame, Belladonna. His father was an Innkeeper in the same town.

Jonathan is smitten when he meets one of the new saloon girls, Elisabeth Welch. They have a romance together.

Jonathan Tarlington is a previous earthly incarnation of Ethan Reilly.

He is part of a time travel series that takes place in the late 1880's (gold rush and wild west) in book three: The Oracle of the Missing Dryad.

He also appears in a tulmutuous and disturbing past life scene involving a witch hunt in book four: The Door of the Thousand Keys in which he is tricked into revealing the location of Elisabeth Welch, a witch wanted for murder. In this past life, a present day Ethan is able to revisit his feelings of this harmful event and heal his karma.

Random Facts

Age: 20's

Occupation: stable boy, farm hand, employed by Belladonna

Relationship with: Elisabeth Welch

His father is an Innkeeper