Jeremy Fox

A misdirected and misguided student, considered a rebel and a bully by some, Jeremy Fox proved himself to be anything but ordinary at the Woodhaven High School. Coming from a wealthy background, his family was never around for him. He often looked for solace in fixing up old cars and finishing off a pack of cigarettes. What Jeremy wanted most though was just to tell the world his biggest secret; that he was gay.

Jeremy and his twin sister Jenny Fox ruled the school. Team captains for many sports, perhaps it was fear of being bullied that kept a circle of friends closest around Jeremy and Jenny. But deep down, he did have heart. He was torn by two affections, but eventually had to choose. Sara, a close friend and confident, kept his secret for him and even spread lies around the school that they had slept together in order to protect him. For this, Jeremy loved her. He truly did. But his heart was with someone else. His heart belonged to Holden Jeffries, son of the school principal.

Jeremy is claimed victim by Hremm Nevar in book one: The Ghost of Colby Drive.

In book two: The Curse of the Moonless Knight, Jeremy returns as a ghost that haunts the school. He can't seem to move on. He explains to Alyson about soul shards, and that Hremm Nevar took a part of his soul and until it is returned, he cannot cross over.

In book four: The Door of the Thousand Keys, Jeremy appears at a critical moment to save his sister, Jenny's life.

Jeremy frequents the series as a ghost that aides Alyson, as he feels compelled to help her now that he can see she helped friends of his, including Holden, to come to terms with not only his death, but his sexuality.

Random Facts

Age: 16, deceased and in ghost form now

Occupation: student

Appearance: rugged, athletic, heavy smoker

Abilities: he's a ghost... he haunts the high school

Relationship with: Sara London, Holden Jeffries

Author's Notes

I created this character to demonstrate how effectively one who is bullied ends up being the bully in return. Jeremy's greatest fear was being teased by his teammates for his sexual orientation, so instead, he internalized it and it manifested in awful ways. He bullied to overcompensate to his teammates what would appear to be masculinity and power. He wanted nothing less than to be treated like a king of the school, even with his secret.

When Jeremy becomes a ghost, Alyson sees him for who he really is. His relationship with Holden is revealed, and a whole new spectrum of emotional feelings emerge. Alyson has compassion for him, as does Sara. In turn, he helps them and tries to save his sister.

Q: Is Jeremy bi-sexual?

A: Possibly. His relationship with Sara was one of genuine affection, but mostly a rouse. They never acted upon their romantic feelings. His relationship with Holden is one of pure romance and sexual nature.