Jenny Fox

Younger twin sister to Jeremy Fox, the two seemed inseperable. Both carrying similar talents and attitudes for their friendships and achievements, Jenny Fox is Cheer Captain of the cheerleading squad at Woodhaven High School.

Snide, rude, forgetful, and oh-so-popular are a few titles some of the students might give Jenny Fox. She is the mean girl of the high school. Putting everyone else down to make herself look better. But inside, she is suffering. Suffering from a lack of affection from a cold, rich family that pays her no attention.

In book two: The Curse of the Moonless Knight, Jenny Fox and some of her friends find themselves playing with danger, drinking and summoning the dead, on school grounds. She is looking for an escape from the pain of losing her brother. She breaks her leg on a tombstone and seems to take a personal vendetta against Alyson and her friends. In an attempt to hurt Alyson, she tugs harder on her friendship with Sara to sway her to be with Jenny vs. Alyson. Same for Ethan. But Jenny Fox is no one's best friend, but her own.

In book four: The Door of the Thousand Keys, Jenny Fox is on the edge, literally... and almost over it. An event at school causes Jenny to be expelled and institutionalized.

This character will be expanded after the release of book five: The Crystal Goddess and the Wish Keeper.

Random Facts

Age: 16, Sophomore in HS

Appearance: tight blonde curls, described as ramen noodle-like, petite frame

Athletics: Cheer captain

Sanity: Questionable

Tryst with: Matt

Twin Sibling of: Jeremy Fox