Hremm Nevar

Hremm Nevar is the primary nemesis for the mis-adventures of Alyson Bell storyline. He appears in book one: The Ghost of Colby Drive at first as a raven, and then into his shapeshifted form, a cunning and charming soul-stealing vampire.

Hremm Nevar easily seduces the vulnerable, in the same way a drug or addiction would "feed" the soul. His nourishment only feeds the hunger temporarily and leaves his victims wanting more power, until eventually it consumes them wholly, as in Sadie Finch, who character of an innocent teenage girl is suddenly transformed into this all-consumed evil. But unless Hremm Nevar takes the life out of a person via a soul-stealing kiss, that person is able to regain strength and overcome his evils.

Hremm Nevar takes many victims in the book series, including Jeremy Fox, a teenage rebel who repeats throughout the series as a ghost that ends up helping Alyson Bell save his sister, Jenny Fox.

Hremm Nevar is the incestuous son of Lucinda, the Black Widow Queen and the demon Magnamalphas.

Random Facts

Appearance: in vampire form, he is a man in his early 30's, charming and attractive; can take the form of a black raven
Age: ageless, as he is not really human and does not age - but can be killed/vanquished

Abilities: can steal souls with a kiss, soul-draining, seduction, flight in raven form, anything of nature will die in his presence ie. trees

Relationship with: Sadie Finch

Tryst with: Sara London

Hremm is the Old English word for 'raven' and Nevar is 'raven' spelled backwards.

Hremmlarge mini

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In 2007, at the Haunted Book Party book release for the first book, Montreal Storyteller, John David Hickey (known as JD Hobbes) portrayed the villain Hremm Nevar in a live reinactment of a scene from the book in which Hremm Nevar seduces Sadie Finch.

Additional photos from this cast and book party may be found at the author's website: