Holden Jeffries

A student at the Woodhaven High School, and only son of Principal Jeffries. Holden is also the secret boyfriend of Jeremy Fox. Quiet, shy, academic genius, poet and actor, and loves deeply, especially in the relationship of Jeremy and him. He doesn't accept that Jeremy is gone as he still feels his spirit around the school. He is good friends with Sara London, as she is the one who protected Jeremy's secret and they both enjoy theatre and drama in school plays.

We meet Holden in book two: The Curse of the Moonless Knight, when a picture of him and Jeremy is discovered and their relationship is revealed.

Random Facts

Age: 16

Appearance: dresses in all black frequently, but not goth... more an emo/art student... he's quiet, shy, poet and actor, confident but wears his heart on his sleeve

Academics: academic genius, not challenged enough by the school system and should be in a gifted school, but his father is the school principal

Relationship with: Jeremy Fox