Harding Danby


Harding Stephen Danby is the older brother of Virginia Danby. He is the love interest for Emelia Finch, and also of Sadie Finch in book one: The Ghost of Colby Drive. In book three: The Oracle of the Missing Dryad, Alyson Bell inadvertently revisits a time when she wasn't supposed to be alive as a girl named Elisabeth, whom Harding begins to fall for.

Harding's obituary reads:

Harding Stephen Danby, 17, died yesterday while riding his horse, Thunder. Losing control, the horse threw Mr. Danby into a fence, killing him instantly.
Mr. Danby will be missed. Members of the Danby family are longtime residents of Hollow Creek. Harding is survived by a younger sister of three years, Virginia "Ginny," and his parents William and Lucille Danby.
Harding attended Hollow Creek Academy for Boys and was captain of the Equestrian club at his school. He received the highest marks of his classmates. His horse, Thunder, was his most prized possession. It is unknown what spooked the horse into going wild.
Donations may be made to the family and to Hollow Creek Academy. Funeral services will be at the Hollow Creek Memorial Gardens where young Harding will be laid to rest.

Harding is also one of Ethan's many past lives.

Random Facts

Age: 17, deceased due to a riding accident

Brother of: Virginia Danby

Relationship with: Emelia Finch

Tryst with: Sadie Finch, Elisabeth