Gypsy Epona

Gypsyepona kristingroulx

"Epona Gypsy" drawn by Kristin Groulx, 2008

Gypsy Epona is a semi-magical horse owned by Belladonna (Abigail Finch's previous earthly incarnation). Her most prized horse, she pulled Belladonna's gypsy caravan, until Belladonna settled in town to maintain a business as a brothel madame. Gypsy Epona then joined the many horses Belladonna owned in nearby stables.

She is semi-magical, as she unaware of her powers, as her owner Belladonna is also unaware of her own powers and has not taught the horse. However, the ability exists within her.

While fleeing from bandits, Gypsy Epona leads Seamus and a pregnant Belladonna out of danger and they disappear through time. It was in the horses passion that her ability led her to disappear. It is Alyson who notices the hoofprints disappear while following them and Alyson also ends up in the same time portal.

Gypsy Epona is part of the time travel series that takes place in the late 1880's (gold rush and wild west) in book three: The Oracle of the Missing Dryad

Gypsy Epona is a past life incarnation of Claire Bell, who carries the horse spirit within her.

Random Facts
Gypsy Horse

Appearance: beige with a long flowing mane and tail, feathered legs, small markings resembling a pinto ~ she is a Gypsy Cob horse (otherwise called Gypsy Vanner)