Ethan Reilly

Ethan Reilly is the teenage son of Josephine and Tom Reilly. As his mother is off studying photography at a university in Paris, he was encouraged to stay behind to finish his last year of high school while staying at his family home with Ginny, whom he affectionately calls Grams. His father is deceased due to an accident.

He is the love of Alyson Bell's life.

He plans on attending university in Virginia to study Astrophysics. He is gifted in mathematics, astronomy and also enjoys acting. He is often found with his binoculars or a telescope, guided by the stars and watching them. This is symbolic of Ethan's soul attempting to communicate with him, that he is guided from a source higher than him. He seeks answers in the stars.

He and his father built a treehouse shortly before his father was killed. He completed it with his grandfather. The treehouse becomes Ethan's safehouse away from the world, a place he can escape to and remember who he is.

He has a magical power, accidentally given to him by Karina Von Buren in book four: The Door of the Thousand Keys. Ethan has the power to merge himself into a wolf spirit and either fully manifest himself as a black wolf, or send his spirit into the body of another wolf/dog animal. He gives Alyson a gift of a puppy named Shadow for this purpose, to keep her safe. Unlike that of a werewolf, Ethan does not shift at a full moon although his powers are stronger at that time due to the moon's natural influence over humankind. Ethan is able to transform at will.

Ethan is one of the Knights of the Great One. He has been sent to the Earthly plane once more to protect the sisters and defend them in the face of evil. He is Knighted by Elluna and Nicodemus, and is kindred brother to Prince Ivan.

Random Facts

Age: Ethan is 17 going on 18 - the latter books he is 18; a Senior in HS

Hair: Sandy Brown

Animal: Wolf ~ Wolf Spirit (Shamanic form)

Abilities: Strength of the Wolf, can enter a wolf/dog with a wolf spirit temporarily and "see" through its eyes.

Relationship with: Alyson Bell

Trysts with: Sadie Finch, Carly

He is of Irish and Native American decent.


An anagram (scrambling the letters) of Ethan Reilly reveals the words : Really Thine.

Past Lives

1887: Jonathan Tarlington

1908: Benjamin MacIntyre

1926: Harding Danby