Elluna is the Queen of all things related to feminine energy. She is the moon and stars, the night sky and all that exists within it. Her companion is Nicodemus, also known as "The Great One", as he is the sun and the day sky and all that exists within that and manifests himself into a wise old oak tree when speaking from the Sacred Grove.

Her light is much softer to gaze upon than that of The Great One. Elluna first makes her appearance in book three: The Oracle of the Missing Dryad, when Alyson first visits the Land of Elders and is overwhelmed by a voice she knows in her heart but has not met before. It is a recognition made on a soul and cellular level. Elluna makes herself known to Alyson by revealing herself in a recognizable human form. Although she is not human and has never touched the Earthly plane.

She exists in the realm of the fifth dimensions and higher, through the ninth dimension. She is the highest form of angel there is.

Elluna has no need of powers herself, as she is untouchable and cannot be harmed or changed. Whisper is an extension of her energy, able to transform and aide the sisters. Whisper is Elluna's wisp, a star belonging to Elluna's many constellations.

Random Facts

Age: ageless, she is not human and has always existed before time

Appearance: she appears to Alyson to have a shimmering colour to her hair that is not made of any colour in the rainbow, but instead is all colours at once, and her dress is Indigo blue and filled with glowing stars that constantly move

Abilities: Nourishing creation with a soft caress, keeping it alive; Elluna has no need of powers herself, as she is untouchable and cannot be harmed or changed; she harnesses the stars and can wield them individually like pets, such as Whisper

Eternal and Inseparable Companion of Nicodemus


Her name is derived from El Luna, Luna being a well known word for the moon.

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