Claire Bell

Claire Bell is the biological mother of Alyson Bell. She is married to Michael Bell. Her occupation is as an artist, in the field of painting. She has shown several of her works in art galleries throughout Virginia and has a studio in their home at The Finch Estate.

Originally, the Bell family moved from Chesapeake, Virginia to the country town of Hollow Creek due to a change in jobs with Alyson's father, Michael Bell.

In present day, Claire is simply Alyson's mother. She struggles with the absense of her husband and his long work hours, thereby leaving Alyson and Claire at home alone. They moved to the country to have a shorter commute for him to work, but he is still immersed. Claire continues to look for work exhibiting her paintings at local art galleries. Her artwork is quite "magical" and several paintings have literally "come to life" within The Finch Estate.

Claire has the spirit of a horse within her. In 1887, she was Abigail's horse, Gypsy Epona, a whitish-beige horse with a long flowing mane and tail. She rescued Abigail and helped her and Seamus to flee from bandits. In her higher self form, she is a horse with wings, Pegasus, and was able to aide Alyson in the Black Hollow, but almost was killed in the process and has been instructed by the Elders never to return to that place of evil.

Claire (in all of her forms, horse and human) is part of the Sacred Seven Sisters.

Random Facts

Age: mother, late 30's

Occupation: painter, artist, works in various art galleries

Abilities: as horse, she is able to fly; in human form, she created magical paintings and can bring them to life - she is mother - she creates

Mother of: Alyson Bell

Relationship with: Michael Bell

Past Lives
Gypsyepona kristingroulx

"Epona Gypsy" drawn by Kristin Groulx, 2008

Past lives:

1887: Gypsy Epona

Land of Elders: Pegasus