Carly "Long Legs" as she is known to Alyson, and for good reason. Some girls just can't be trusted, especially when they are harbouring a crush on your boyfriend.

Carly apparently has known Ethan since childhood, then moved away and only recently moved back to attend the same school and finish there. She is also interested in attending the same college as Ethan. However, Ethan sees her as nothing more than a sister.

The character of Carly will be expanded after the release of book five: The Crystal Goddess and the Wish Keeper

Random Facts

Age: 18: Senior

Appearance: drop dead gorgeous, legs up to her neck and the kind of girl that makes other girls hate to be jealous of, she's essentially flawless academically and physically, charasmatic

Academics: smart

Relationship with: Matt

Tryst with: Ethan Reilly