Cameron Doyle

Cameron Doyle is one of Alyson Bell's closest friends and classmates. He shares a relationship with Sara London, a girl he has known since Kindergarten.

Cameron goes by the nickname of "Cam" to his closest of friends. His first appearance is in book one: The Ghost of Colby Drive at the Woodhaven High School. He annoys Alyson by kicking the back of her desk. Frequently he is seen wearing a tie to school and his backpack heaving with books. He has an interest in the supernatural, specifically ghosts, and dark and cavelike places. Next to Alyson, he is very much an explorer.

Cameron and Sara have an intense romance. Together they attend the Woodhaven Renaissance Faire with Alyson and Ethan.

Random Facts

Age: 16

Appearance: nerdy, but attractive - at first dressed for business with ties at school, then later attempts to impress his girlfriend by dressing 'trendier' and finally settles on a mix somewhere in between the two

Interests: ghosts, supernatural, hieroglyphics, maps, blueprints, caves, researching facts

Academics: uber smart in all left-brained coursework

Relationship with: Sara London


It is Cameron who cracks the code of the Witches Alphabet in Sadie's spellbook, a page intentionally put to summon Hremm Nevar. Trivia: the alphabet is comprised of the lesser known and very cryptic Voynich Manuscript, a real alphabet that to date has not been decoded by anyone.

Author's Notes

Reminded me of a young Clark Kent, hence made the character Cameron Doyle to be a little bit of a super-hero, at least in the ways of helping Alyson decode maps and navigate tunnels. The last name Doyle is a nod to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, of Sherlock Holmes, master sleuth.