The Curse of the Moonless Knight


Kristin Groulx


(Canada) ISBN 978-0981131511




The mis-adventures of Alyson Bell
(Book 2)


YA Paranormal Romance Novel


The Tenth Muse Books Publishing

Release Date

August 2008

Media Type

Hardback and Paperback

Preceded By

Book one: The Ghost of Colby Drive (book)

Succeeded By

Book three: The Oracle of the Missing Dryad (book)

COMK cover thumb shadow

front cover of book two

Book Two ~

It is the season of Samhain, also celebrated as Hallowe’en. The crisp of Fall is in the air, and the veil weaves thinly between the world of the living and the land of the dead. Spirits are amiss in the town of Hollow Creek when a portal that should’ve stayed closed is accidentally opened. A Renaissance Festival plays host to a fantastical wonderland for Alyson and her friends. But beware… not every dark corner is empty.

Alyson learns that sometimes in this magical world, you have to close your eyes… to see. And to forgive, you must first open your heart. For a true friendship is one of the greatest gifts you’ll ever receive.

Join Alyson Bell in The Curse of the Moonless Knight, the second in the mis-adventures of Alyson Bell series. It is told from the perspective of teenager Alyson Bell. This young adult paranormal romance novel is approximately 75,000 words. Readers who enjoy authors V.C. Andrews, Fiona McIntosh, Raymond E. Feist and older readers of J.K. Rowling will certainly take interest in this haunting novel.

It is targeted for girls aged 13-18, but appropriate for anyone 13+, as this novel delves into some deeper teen issues and is not appropriate for a younger audience. Several characters are still trying to find their own identity and their own paths in life, while learning to cope with their problems and the problems of others around them. This book is not stand alone. It is a sequel to The Ghost of Colby Drive. It is recommended this book be a part of your collection prior to enjoying book two.

Release date: 8/8/08

Description of Cover Art

A moonless (k)night is the eclipse, seen here by the blood red moon. The passage of time becomes distorted as Alyson begins to time travel, understanding how it happens and what comes next. The chess piece is the Knight, placed alone on the board and unprotected - unsure of his next move. The jack-o'lantern is a traditional decoration at Samhain/Halloween, but in this case is distorted... representing the glowing red eyes of the possessed at the Faire. The clock's face is distorted with a swirl at the mark of IIII (which on old watches, instead of a roman numeral of IV they used IIII for the number 4). It is an angelic marker for 11:11, the IIII.

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