The Ghost of Colby Drive


Kristin Groulx


(Canada) ISBN 978-0981131504




The mis-adventures of Alyson Bell
(Book 1)


YA Paranormal Romance Novel


The Tenth Muse Books Publishing

Release Date

July 2007

Media Type

Hardback and Paperback

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Book two: The Curse of the Moonless Knight (book)

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front cover of book one

Book One ~

When one door closes, another opens… or so they say. But what happens if that door is stuck? Some choices you are forced to confront, no matter how ugly or dangerous. Such is the doorstep of Alyson Bell, a tenacious teenage girl new to the rural town of Hollow Creek; a town rumored to be haunted by a ghostly spirit and a cat with more than the usual nine lives. Alyson tests her own strengths and weaknesses as she transitions into her new life, facing everyday teenage obstacles (bosoms and boyfriends), and hurdling over supernatural mysteries only she is predestined to encounter. Does one girl have what it takes to piece together the myriad of clues left behind in her century-old house to end a cat-astrophic curse, vanquish an evil soul-stealing vampire and still have time for a relationship with her new boyfriend, all before the next full moon?

The Ghost of Colby Drive, book one of the mis-adventures of Alyson Bell series, is told from the perspective of teenager Alyson Bell. This young adult paranormal romance novel is approximately 65,000 words. Readers who enjoy authors V.C. Andrews, Fiona McIntosh, Raymond E. Feist and J.K. Rowling will certainly take interest in this haunting novel. It is targeted for girls aged 13-18, but appropriate for anyone 13+, as this novel delves into some deeper teen issues and is not appropriate for a younger audience. Several of my characters are still trying to find their own identity and their own paths in life, while learning to cope with their problems and the problems of others around them. Some topics are very deep, but I feel teens need a starting point for their conversations; something that helps them open up and see that they are not alone in this world.

It is recommended this book be a part of your collection prior to enjoying any further books in the series, but as a premier book, it is considered stand alone.

Release date: 7/7/07

Description of Cover Art

Guided by an unseen force, to walk upon the path not knowing where it leads, thus begins our quest.

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