Benjamin Macintyre

Benjamin Macintyre was an orphan who found his way to the Von Buren family when he was very young, around nineteen, and quickly found employment within their hotel as the bartender. Focused on his job, he did not notice the affections that the hotel owner's daughter, Karina Von Buren, had for him since she was sixteen.

Benjamin enters into the life of stage actress, Lucy Penny, almost by accident. He made it a point to see her plays often, although she did not spot him in the crowd. When she wandered into his bar after a fued with her stage manager, she sparked up a conversation with Benjamin and the two quickly bonded. Lucy asks Benjamin to call her Anna, which is her real name and Lucy, a stage name. Anna and Benjamin realize they have a soul connection, which is noticed by Karina. In her anger, Karina and her goons threaten to murder Anna which sends Anna and Benjamin fleeing into a nearby chapel. A stranger helps Benjamin and Anna disguise themselves to escape.

Benjamin reveals to Anna his true identity. Benjamin is Ethan Reilly, in a past life.

Benjamin Macintyre is part of a time travel series that takes place in the early 1900's in book four: The Door of the Thousand Keys.

Random Facts

Age: 20's

Appearance: gentleman, clean-cut

Occupation: bartender

Abilities: same wolf spirit/shamanic form as Ethan Reilly (as they are one and same)

Relationship with: Annaliese "Lucy" Penny

Tryst with: Karina Von Buren