Alyson Bell

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The main heroine of the mis-adventures of Alyson Bell series. One of the daughters of the Sacred Seven Sisters, her mundane life becomes anything but as her mis-adventures lead her to a magical path she didn't know existed, but is part of her destiny. Revealed to her by her spirit guide, Abigail, she slowly discovers who she is - a young witch or wisdom keeper, who is also connected to the angelic realms.

Her boyfriend in the series is Ethan Reilly.

She is the daughter of Claire and Michael Bell.

She has no known actual siblings, however there are magical connections which link her to a group of star sisters.

Alyson has the ability to pass between worlds, between the third and fourth dimensions, the world of the living and the dead. She easily can pass what is known as "the veil" and sees ghosts. It is because of this that she is one of the few to see The Ghost of Colby Drive and thus be able to tell the tale. Although not an Elder herself, she is granted passage to visit the Land of the Elders in the fifth dimension, a realm completely made of angels and angelic beings.

Alyson's powers are still being discovered. She has the ability to learn the powers of any of her seven sisters, notably: healing through the use of light from her hands from Abigail, and projecting blue fireballs, also from her hands, thus she has ability to create or destroy using the same source depending on intention. She also has the power to magically seal books with her breath. This same breath reveals the star map on the floor of the secret room.

Alyson Bell is one of the Sacred Seven Sisters.

Her past lives take her on many journeys and through each one, a new trait or ability is revealed to her. The more she is guided by Abigail and Seamus, the more she learns until her abilities open up and blossom within her and she comes into her own power. Although a witch, she does not use spellbooks very often. Her witch-work is done from within and by intuition, intent and inner works.

Random Facts

Age in series (varies) ~ present time she is teenager age 15 going on 16 in: book one, The Ghost of Colby Drive. She is age 16 going on 17 in the consecutive books. She is a Sophomore in HS.

Birthdate: September 12th

Sun Sign: Virgo

Hair: Blonde, long

Abilities: healing with blue light (learned from Abigail), shielding (learned from Lily), projecting blue energy balls (learned from Whisper), cleansing breath, dream dropping (learned from Emelia), telepathy (learned from Emelia), levitation (learned from Seamus), astral travel and time travel (learned from the Elders)

Relationship with: Ethan Reilly

Daughter of: Claire Bell and Michael Bell

Past Lives

1887: Elisabeth Welch

1908: Annaleise "Lucy" (Lucky) Penny

1926: Elisabeth