Abigail Finch

Abigail Finch is the biological mother of both Emelia and Sadie Finch. She was married to George Finch. Together, they built The Finch Estate, which resides in the small town of Hollow Creek, Virginia on the long and winding road known as Colby Drive. Tragically, her last Earthly incarnation was ended by an overturned motor carriage (see George Finch). She chose not to be reincarnated again into a human and instead became a spirit guide and Elder.

Upon meeting the Great One, she was blinded by radiance and considers her blindness to be a 'gift'.

Abigail's main power is healing with light of her hands. She is untouchable by evil and also unable to pass into the realm of the dead as everything she touches she gives life to. Her touch is pure love.

White raven dreamcatcher
She has the power to transform herself into a white raven.

Abigail Finch is one of the Sacred Seven Sisters. She is the most direct descendant of the daughters of Elluna. She is also devoted to being Alyson's spirit guide and teaching Alyson about her path by guiding her with tasks and quests to challenge her and gain her skills. As a reward, Abigail teaches Alyson her power to heal.

In a past life, she was known as Doña Bella or Belladonna and in love with the man known as Seamus. She was a brothel madame, keeping track of her girls and unaware of any powers she possessed. She owned several horses, including one called Gypsy Epona, whom later she flees on while she and Seamus are being chased by bandits. She was sent through a time portal by the Black Widow Queen just after having given birth to twin daughters, Lily and Rowan. Later, when the Black Widow Queen makes herself known after the discovery of Lily at the Woodhaven Renaissance Faire, Abigail channels Belladonna and the Black Widow Queen and Abigail go for a final battle to the death.

Abigail's relationship with both George and Seamus continue into the astral plane in the Land of Elders. They both carry pieces to Abigail's heart. She and Seamus are considered to be two halves of the same whole.

Random Facts
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Abigail as the blind tarot reader

Random facts:

She is blind and 'sees' with her other senses. She reads tarot and can tell fortunes.

Age in series (varies), she is all ~ maiden, mother and crone ~ in the three lives she is shown in the book series

Hair: White, long

Animal: White Raven

Abilities: healing, resurrection, transformation into a white raven (flight), teleportation, telepathy, dream dropping

Relationship with: George Finch, Seamus

Past Lives

1887: Belladonna / Doña Bella

1908: Abigail (as garden statue)

1926: Abigail Finch (in human form)

Present: Abigail (spirit guide and can transform image)

Author's Notes

Statue of Abigail Finch

The character Abigail was created from a statue purchased at a gift shop at Saunders Farm, in Ottawa, Canada. She sat on my desk and was muse for the character.